Bahía de las Águilas

 In Dominican Republic

When traveling the Dominican Republic there is one place everyone should see!
That place is Eagles Bay or by it’s rightful Spanish name, Bahía de las Águilas!

It’s situated as far away from the famous Punta Cana as you can get.
Close to the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola.
Due to that, most people don’t go but if you get the chance, go!

It’s an 8km (5 miles) long beach, situated within the Jaragua National Park, which is time consuming to get to but absolutely worth it!
And when you get there, you might very well have the entire beach to yourself.
Its beauty is unparalleled and considered one of the most beautiful and isolated beaches in all of the Caribbean!

You won’t find any hotels here and not even a store for some much-needed water or snacks, so remember to bring your own!

Our trip started in Santo Domingo, the capital and it’s some 320 km (200 miles) away.

We left early in the AM with local transport, a bus that was heading to the city of Barahona.

Here we would pit stop before heading to Bahía de las Águilas the following day!

We arrive to Barahona, a small city in the part of the country where not many tourists go.
It’s low-key, it’s cheap, it’s authentic and it’s beautiful!

We stayed a little outside the city of Barahona for a few days.
It was a nice Caribbean eco-lodge by the sea called Casa del Mar Lodge.
20 rooms divided over several small villas placed around the seaside.
Tourist season was obviously not here yet as we were just 4 people staying but it was absolutely amazing!
We even found the local fruit store nearby!

The day after our arrival to Barahona we went on the trip to Bahía de las Águilas.
In a small van we went in search of Paradise!
Joining us were two French journalists writing a story about the best beaches in the Caribbean.

The road trip from Barahona to Eagles Bay takes 3-4 hours including a few stops for pictures.
The final stop is the small town of Pedernales by the Haitian border.

On our drive through this border territory, with few people and even less tourists, we saw the true beauty of this mesmerizing country!
Luckily we also found a grocery store where we could get some much needed supplies!
Next to it, by a small lake, we rested for a while before our trip to the supposedly stunning and isolated Caribbean beach continued.

We arrive at Pedernales after loads of cool experiences and are now ready to get on our yacht that will take us to our final destination!

While we are sailing towards paradise, the most majestic beach in the world according to the locals, we are enjoying the views and already feel like we are there!

The view is good and my mind start to wander… thinking about the option of settling here some day!
I can see it, the Dane in sun, summer and Caribbean surroundings 24/7!
Oh yes, I am ready!

We finally reached the shores of Bahía de las Águilas and I have to admit, I was blown away!
I am not sure if my pictures do it justice, but in one word, it was breathtaking!

It’s not your totally classic Caribbean setting with loads of palm trees.
This is a much more arid landscape with less vegetation.
You will find more cactuses here than palm trees but it’s absolutely stunning nonetheless!

And people!?
There were none, besides the two journalists we came with!

The water was nice though and the area is made for snorkeling!
So bring your gear!

While walking the beach we did see a little fisherman boat, though no people were around.
Maybe the skipper was resting underneath a cactus somewhere!

Back at our hotel, reflecting over the day’s activity, we can honestly say that it was quite the experience.
One we highly recommend to anyone planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic.
Take a few days out of your schedule and go here!
It’s a must see!

If my blog gets popular I might actually just have destroyed this beautiful place, so let’s hope nobody reads it… oh wait! 😀

Till next time, here’s the sunset from our hotel in Barahona!

Have a good one!

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  • Peter

    That is one beautiful place! Never thought about going to Dominican Republic but I will now! Great post!

    • tgw

      It is truly gorgeous Peter and you should consider it.
      The country is wonderful so go explore. There is so much to see and it’s usually sunny and nice all year round, so that’s a plus 🙂

  • Gitte

    Beautiful, I have to go there one day. Hope to do it together with you and Angie and the 3 guys from here

    • tgw

      You should go Gitte!
      It’s amazing!
      And we would be delighted to go together!
      Just let us know!
      Btw, we are going in 4 weeks… You can join then! haha

  • Jens

    Hello Torben as I was looking at your blog and found the country extremely beautiful I started doing some research.
    From my country its much easier getting to Punta Cana than the side of the country this beautiful beach is in.
    How is Punta Cana if I may ask and also is there any nice places in that region you can recommend?
    Best regards, Jens

    • tgw

      Hi Jens,
      Yeah from most countries it’s easiest to get to Punta Cana as that’s the big area for tourists and thereby have more flights.
      I’ve actually only been once there for 5 days but overall it was a great sun vacation. Stay at a huge beautiful resort and relax and enjoy life.
      Not too bad at all 🙂
      There is a few cool places close enough for you to go on some day trips, I will make a post about it at a later time but isla Saona
      is really nice and a great day trip.
      In Bayahibe you will find my favourite restaurant of the entire island. Tracadero!
      I love that place, not just because of the good food but it’s an amazing place to be for a day and relax and thats also possible to get to from Punta Cana!
      Further to that there is lots of day trips one can do from Punta Cana via agencies, such as going on jeep “safaris” around the area and see some really nice deserted beaches etc.
      And loads of boatrides of course to small islands and so on!
      Otherwise if you can fly into the capital, Santo Domingo, then you can take a trip easier to Bahia de las Aguilas and other great areas of the island which I will make blog posts about at a later time as well.
      I am actually going back to the island in just a few weeks where we will primarily be on the north side of the island, in Samana (Las Terrenas area) and around the city of Cabarete.
      Have a great day and enjoy your trip to DR if you decide to go!
      It’s such a great country, so you really should go!
      I’ve been 5 times so far and it’s awesome!

  • Rachel

    What an amazing post. I really like the way you write, it’s so engaging.
    Dominican Republic looks beautiful and sounds even better.
    It is now a country I will see if I can visit some day. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for posting.

    • tgw

      You absolutely should go Rachel! It’s really nice there and I imagine you are American?
      If so, then really close by and even a long weekend is in the cards! 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  • Tasmiyah

    I have a newfound love with beaches and this is surely beautiful! Must have been very peaceful!

    • tgw

      It truly was a wonderful beach…. Absolutely loved it and as you say, extremely peaceful 🙂
      Hope to go back some day!

  • Lourdes

    I would definitely go on my next trip to DR! Thanks excellent article!

    • tgw

      Hi Lourdes!
      Thanks for reading, happy you liked it!
      And yes, we can definitely recommend going there!
      It’s absolutely gorgeous!
      Have a wonderful day!

  • Beth

    What yacht company did you use?

    • Torben

      Hi Beth,

      We had just booked a tour via an agency in town.
      The yacht comment was more for fun. It was not a yacht, just a small boat. But the beach is gorgeous.

  • Kimberly Denise

    Hello going to Punta Cana july7-17 would love to get details on how and what to do!!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing gorgeous

    • Torben

      Hi Kimberly,

      We hope you will enjoy it!
      Around Punta Cana the norm is often to go Catamaran sailing or do a buggy ride in the jungle/dessert/Beach.
      There is also Isla Saona close by they usually arrange a boat ride to, its gorgeous, but go a weekday as that usually have less people, like Tuesday to thursday I imagine is best.

      If you can get to it, Tracadero resort and restaurant is really nice to go for lunch at, their natural pools are amazing, but you would have to rent a car, its in Bayahibe.

      Otherwise Punta Cana is most about chillin’ at the pools or beach.

      Isla Catalina is also a car and boat ride away, they will for sure arrange trips from Punta Cana there as well.

      I would recommend Las Terrenas as thats my favourite part of the island but its a bit far from Punta Cana so a day trip is not really possible.
      Maybe next time 🙂

      Hope that helps a bit but out of Punta Cana there will be tonnes of daytrips and these I mentioned are some of them.
      The trip to Isla Saona has an option for stopping at a starfish reserve which is pretty cool, it had thousands of starfish in the wild, at least when we went last time.

      Best regards,
      The Global Wanderlust
      Torben & Angie

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