San Francisco & Napa Valley

 In United States of America

Driving Route 1 from San Francisco down to San Diego is a fantastic experience and let’s face it, a must do road trip!
The gorgeous stops on the route are endless. We used 12 days for the ride down and could easily have used more!

We started off in San Francisco but as we LOVE wine we of course also had to use a day north in the region of Napa Valley and surrounding areas of Sonoma and St. Helena!
If you are into wine I highly recommend using some time up there.
It’s amazing!

When arriving to San Fran we picked up our banana aka a very yellow Camaro convertible and took the first night in the city!
What a city it is but more about that later!

Then the following day it was off to Napa Valley, vineyards, nature and lots of wine!

We went to several vineyards while in the wine region north of San Francisco and we absolutely loved it. We spent many hours just walking around the vineyards while tasting their grapes of course!




San Fran, the city by the bay, has so much to offer that I won’t be able to even list a fraction of it here.
It’s absolutely gorgeous and such an easy city to get around in.
Walking or taking the cable cars was our preferred options.

While in Frisco we got the chance to pick the nose of a little monkey, which Angie appreciated very much!
She’s a huge animal lover so this was potentially the highlight of her whole trip!

Riding the classic cable cars, the only manually operated system left in the world, is of course also a necessity in life!
… and so we did! Up and down the hills of the city! Hooray for the simple pleasures in life!

We also had time to lock me up at Alcatraz!

To my surprise my wife actually thought for a while about throwing away the key! Hmmmm! 😮

If lucky, when visiting the city you might be able to see the Golden Gate!
The famous San Fran fog prevents this most days and you can’t see much of it.
To our luck on our last day in the city it cleared up and the sky was all blue and the view was stunning!

To see the city in all its glory, sailing the bay is not a horrible option!
Though not American myself I can’t help to love the American Flag, it’s a beauty!

Anyone here old enough to remember the show Full House?
If so then you might remember the photo below of what’s called the painted ladies!

San Francisco and the wine region of Napa Valley was such a wonderful start to our West Coast Road Trip!
More from the drive down Route 1 will follow soon though!
Be on the lookout for the upcoming blog posts!

Till next time, here’s the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre!

Have a good one!

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  • Dennis

    That’s a great post. I can’t wait to read more about your drive down California.

    • tgw

      Thank you so much Dennis!
      Might be a couple of weeks before next update as I am traveling back to the Dominican Republic in a few days!
      But I promise you, that an update will come after that! 🙂

      Enjoy your Sunday!

  • Michael

    Hi Torben

    You say that you could easily have used more days driving down the coast but would you say that 2 weeks is ok?
    I am considering the drive myself but only have two weeks of vacation.

    Looking forward to see more from your drive down before I decide. I plan to go in September where the weather is nice in California and maybe I should get a yellow convertible as well. hehe


    • tgw

      Yeah two weeks is fine mate!
      I would definitely go again if I had 2 weeks to use 🙂
      There’s a lot to see but its an good amount of time – doesn’t mean we couldn’t use more, but you will have a great 14 days driving down and see a lot!
      September is a great month to go for sure!
      Book it and go is my best advice!
      It’s awesome!

  • Escape a lifetime

    Hi there! I love your blog and I nominated you for the Liebster award. You can find more over here:

    • tgw

      Thanks Cindy! 🙂
      Happy you like the blog!
      I will have to read up on your link about that ward, but once again thanks and have an awesome week!

  • Michael

    Hi guys I just found your blog on Instagram and I just wanted to say I really like it. Very beautiful photos you have and now reading your blog posts in here I can also see you have a real good sense of humour and way to write. Thank you for all your beautiful stories and photos. I now want to travel the world some more. Thanks. Michael

    • tgw

      Thank you so much for the warm words Michael, we really appreciate it!
      Happy you like our content, more will follow soon!
      And we too want to travel more so understand your desire! 😉

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