Tokyo, Kyoto & Nara

 In Japan

Is it bucket list worthy?

Japan stands as the single most amazing country I have ever visited and it’s not even close!
When I am asked to recommend one country to go to, I always say Japan.
It’s absolutely fantastic!

And I even have to admit that I am actually a beach kind of person.
Maldives and the Caribbean is where my heart is. I love the white beaches and the blue sea but Japan…. what can I say, besides listen to Nike! Just do it! Go!

From the moment we set foot on Japanese soil I knew this was something special – it’s the simple things that makes this country stand out.
The airport train was so clean that we could eat of the floor if we wanted to, did not try though! 🙂

The day to day actions of the citizens of Japan is what truly makes this country unique and an absolute bliss to visit!
That and all the cool buildings and temples of course as well as the best sushi in the world!

Simple things such as getting into an elevator, using escalators or boarding a train pretty much blew my mind.
Walking around Tokyo and never spotting a trash bin, but at the same time never seeing any trash anywhere is almost confusing!
How is this even possible?
It definitely wouldn’t be possible here in Europe where I am from or in the US of A but the values of the people in Japan are just so different compared to the ones in our part of the world – it’s all about honor and responsibility from this amazing people and I absolutely love it!

Besides meeting this amazing people, temple hunting is the thing to do!
The architecture is stunning and we used days walking around checking out the different temples and shrines and I really can’t recommend this country enough!

The city of Nara and the deer park there is also a must, it’s quite the experience.
Thousands of wild deer’s that are extremely friendly are all around you while you walk the park and look at temples, feed the animals and take some awesome photos of course!
A few days a month you can also get the full Japanese experience in Nara and experience a tea ceremony while being dressed up in traditional Japanese clothing.
Just accept it takes time as it took several people a couple of hours to properly dress my wife in her kimono.

But it was worth it!


When in Japan, if you like sushi, you are in for a treat!
Though I have to admit that post Japan, I am pretty much out of options to eat it anywhere else as it’s just not up to the same standard in our part of the world!
Also make room for Ramen… My personal favorite and pretty much the only food I have ever lined up to get!
The line I am in below I got to skip though as all the locals forced me to move forward in the queue! 🙂

Oh and besides good food, remember to check out the Geishas in Kyoto.
That is quite the spectacle and an amazing experience to be able to spot these traditional Japanese female hostesses walking around on their way to meetings and events.

As previously mentioned, Japan stands as my favorite country I have ever visited but it’s hard to put into words and photos exactly why, it really has to be experienced and I promise you that if you do, you won’t regret it!
I for one, can’t wait to go back!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Till next time, here’s Tokyo after dark!

Have a good one!

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  • Daniel

    Awesome pictures and amazing story telling. I will now put Japan on my bucket list! I don´t know why, but just didn´t consider Japan before, never considered Asia, but this looks so cool. If you have 14 days holiday how would you recommend the split in the various cities?

    • tgw

      You should put Japan on the bucket list Daniel It’s amazing!
      We only went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara but next time I definitely want to see some more of the country.
      So I can of course only recommend based on what I have seen and read about.
      As you would probably fly in and out via Tokyo I would take a couple of days there to start with and then a couple in the end again, leaving 9-10 days for other cities.
      Kyoto and Nara is for sure worth a visit, Nara is a day trip from for instance Kyoto and I would spend maybe 2 days in Kyoto, so lets call it 3 with the day trip to Nara.
      7 days down, 7 to go give or take! Rest I personally would probably see if I could fit 2 days in on the Karate Kid island, Okinawa (flights seem to be around 100€ return from tokyo) and then I would take a few days in Kobe and 1 in Osaka. Last couple of days could maybe go to the Takayama region.
      Remember though that I haven’t been a few of the places mentioned but I want to!
      No matter what, 14 days in Japan will be awesome and one hell of a trip!
      I can’t wait to go back and can highly recommend it, so go!

  • eyesofthemoon

    We certainly enjoyed this trip! Can’t wait to return in cherry blossom season!

    • Marianne

      Oh yes! cherry blossom season is the time to be in Japan! I’ll put it on my backlist too!

      • tgw

        Cherry-blossom season is a must!
        Can’t wait to go during the spring. Hopefully next year!

  • Jess

    It sounds interesting with Japan. I have never been but will consider it noe. I am following you on Instagram but can’t remember seeing Japan photos there.
    Looking forward to reading some more posts.
    Love Jess

    • tgw

      Hi Jess,
      I believe I wasn’t really on Instagram back when I went to Japan so I have only posted a few pics. More might very well come later though!
      Or at least when I go back! 🙂
      More posts are coming, don’t worry!
      Working on one as we speak!
      Thanks for following and you should definitely consider a trip there if you get the chance!

  • Cindy

    I’ve never been there but it must be an amazing experience. I think it’s nearly impossible to find any comparison between their culture and the European culture. Also, I didn’t think it would be such a clean country, especially since big cities are always overcrowded. Great post, keep up the good work!

    • tgw

      You are absolutely correct Cindy, comparing our cultures is really hard. They are worlds apart but as mentioned I really encourage everyone to go see for themself! Japan is amazing!
      In regards to the trash I was truly astonished myself as I did not expect it but it was the cleanest big city I have ever seen!
      Thanks for your comment and stay tuned for more! 🙂

  • Rachel

    I read both your articles this morning and they are really good. I can’t wait to read some more Torben.
    Japan is now also on my list of countries to visit just like the Dominican Republic is.
    Love your blog.

    • tgw

      Thank you so much Rachel.
      I really appreciate it!
      Both countries up so far are awesome and I am actually going back to Dominican Republic in just a few of weeks.
      It’s amazing there!

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant blog post dude! You put Japan on the map for me. Had not thought about it prior to reading this post. But I am now. Was it easy enough to get around? I imagine no one speaks english? And signs in Japanese doesn’t make too much sense for me I have to admit.

    • tgw

      Yeah it was easy enough to get around!
      On train stations and on train it alternates between Japanese and English on most trains and stations.
      Plus, mobile internet was cheap enough to buy so in case needed, google maps can help! 🙂
      But overall we never had any issues and when we did we asked and got help every time!
      People seemed to not really like speaking english, I think due to them not wanting to be embarrassed but overall I felt most actually did speak it at an ok level.
      Younger generation at least!

  • Sarah

    You had me at ramen. Japan was never high on my list, but several friends have been raving about it recently for similar reasons that you’ve shared here. Great photos, by the way! Japan is now on my list 🙂

    • tgw

      Just for the Ramen alone, go! 🙂
      It’s truly awesome Sarah, so you should go!
      We actually had planned to go to Greece for this trip but then ended up in Japan somehow.
      Best change ever!

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